Astrology and Astronomy in Tirotha

The Year in Tirotha

Tirotha's year is 360 days long, each day is 24 hours long. Its single moon, slightly smaller than Earth's moon, is a pale reddish color. The moon goes through the normal cycle of phases once every 32 days. In Belfiad and most human lands, the year is divided into 11 moons, or months. This leaves an additional 8 days every year, so every fourth year contains a 12th month. The year begins on the first day of spring, with Birth Moon 1.

On every fourth year, Sprint Moon occurs after Thaw Moon.

Each month is four 8 day weeks.

Stars, Planets and Constellations

The night sky is full of white stars in immobile constillations. These constellations have considerable significance in many of the religions. Most major religions choose at least one constellation which is sacred to that god. The position of the moon and planets in relation to the constellations is often important in the selection of holidays and festivals.

There are also 8 planets, or wandering stars. These are brighter than normal stars and are often different colors. The orbits of the planets are complex and for the most part only known to scholars.