The Nation of Belfiad

Important People

The Imperial Court

King Roland Diginer III, a direct male-line descendent of the orginal King Vartran. King Roland is a good man, interested in the welfare of his people. He is determined to keep Belfiad the shining star of power and culture of the human kingdoms that it was when he was coronated. His rule has seen the opening of the Candorian Institute of the Arcane, the opening of the Elven Imperial Thaumaturgical College to humans, and the signing of a peace-treaty with Loriea 400 years in the waiting. All of the duchies under his rule have prospered, with the exception of Bravnair. Some sages have suggested declaring a "Golden Age" beginning with his coronation.
Roland has his faults (though noone dares to speak of them) he has a bit too conceited view of himself, and cannot well tolerate criticism. He has a love for sword dueling, and his temper has lead to numerous duels outside his palace, often resulting in the deaths of valuable and insightful advisors.
Roland hates war, and his relations with other nations is criticized by some as being too weak, as Roland is known for making many concessions to avoid war. Roland, has however, stood firm on a number of issues showing that his commitment to his nation's greatness is stronger than his distaste for war.

Queen Aurin a beautiful regal lady, daughter of the Duke of Candor. Aurin never met Roland before their marriage and shares little affection with him. Though she bore him three children, she has never loved him. She does respect him as a king though. She spends little time at court anymore, preferring the comfort of her father's castle.

Admiral Sir Randolf Bowers Roland's most trusted military advisor, Commander in chief of the navy, and former Grand Master of the Order of Girenn. Bowers was a commoner with an amazing mind for tactical and strategic thought. He served a tour as a sailor in Girenn's navy for 5 years before his true talents were recognized by a Knight of Girenn. He was promptly inducted into the order, trained and knighted. He rose quickly through the ranks, excelling at both land combat and sea tactics. At the age of 42 he became the youngest Grand Master in the order's history. Now at 73, he is too old to be a soldier any longer, but proudly stands at the king's side. He advises the king on all matters military, both army and naval, tactics, strategy and logistics. Bowers is a loyal man, of exceptional integrity, as commited to the vision of Belfiad as the world's greatest nation as King Roland. Bowers has repeatedly been offered the title of Count but he always refuses, feeling his common beginnings unworthy for a noble title.

Prince Arlin Diginer II, the crown prince, Arlin serves his father as Chancellor of Manor Affairs, managing the upkeep and supply of the palace, and the royal estates outside of the city. Roland appointed him to this position to teach him the arts of dealing with paperwork, burocracy and other mind-numbing tasks. In his younger days, Arlin was a bit flightly, uniterested in work or his studies. Roland believed this position would prepare him better for when he takes the thrown. Arlin resents this, hating his current position.

Prince Vidan Diginer, the second son of Roland. Vidan shows more promise than Arlin as a leader and administrator, unfortunately, the laws of succession are quite strict, and the eldest surviving son must become king. Vidan serves as an ambassador to Prince Aylinar Lorin of Lorida, in the elven kingdom of Loriea. Because of this, he is rarely seen around court. When he is, he always makes an impressive sight, the epitomy of a royal prince, strong, handsome, regal and proud.

Princess Adinya Diginer daughter of Roland, and eldest of his three children. At the age of 16 Adinya disobeyed the orders of both her parents, and walked out of her engagement ceremony to the then 30 years old Aston Rit (son of the Duke of Tuln). With the help of one of her servants, she ran away to Candor, to Thiern, a friend of her mother's family, and aspiring arch-mage. Thiern was able to convince Roland to cancel the engagement, and allow Adinya to study magic with him (for she was truly gifted in the art.) Roland was at first reluctant, but has brightened to the idea. At the age of 20 Adinya returned home, and has since helped her father keep an eye on Friedina the court magician, and takes the place of her mother at most court functions. Roland is still trying to convince her to marry, but Adinya wants to continue her studies at the Imperial College of Thaumaturgy in Loreia.

Baronness Friedina the Green court magician, and Imperial Advisor of the Arcane. Friedina's title carries no land grant, but she recieves all the respect, and the vote in council, that a Baron deserves. She is young, impulsive, and quite insightful about people. She is always the first to suggest arresting troublemakers, kicking out obnoxious ambassadors, and blowing up the castles of power-hungry nobles. She constantly argues with Roland about his refusal to consider war as a viable solution to problems. Friedina is a strong supporter of Duke Bader Thorne of Bravnair, the most troublesome of the Dukes for Roland. Some say that her inciting the king to war is a ploy to allow Thorne to claim the crown for his own.

High-Warden Achbin Bladegrinder of Brachindok The ambassador from the dwarven Kingdom of Brachindok, Achbin is a close friend of Roland. In Roland's younger days, the two traveled the wilderness together, embarking on missions of national security or good-natured treasure-hunting. Achbin and Roland have forged many trade and military agreements between Belfiad and Brachindok, profitable to both nations. Roland always seeks Achbin's advice on any policies involving dwarves. Achbin is always free with it, and though young by dwarven standards is quite wise.

High Chancellor Sir Edward Balit Another friend of the King from his adventuring days, Balit is a bit of a bookworm, and tends to not be good with people. He handles most of the administration and paperwork for the kingdom, bringing only the most vital before the king. While uncomfortable in front of strangers, Balit is a strong-willed man, and will violently defend the king from those who would criticize him. He can be impatient and irritable, and always grumbles about all the work he has to do, though in truth he loves it.

Baroness Sielda Lebna Prince Arlin's fiance, Sielda is the daughter of a poweful Baron in Leahat. Sielda is criticized by much of the country as fat and ugly. But Arlin is quite taken with her, though it was an arranged marriage. Sielda is intelligent, levelheaded and hardworking, quite a contrast from the prince. Roland is pleased with this choice for his heir's wife, seeing her as a good influence.

Baron Eilgadrin Lorin Baron of Sayldo Glen in Loreia, Prince Aylinar Lorin's nephew and ambassador. Eilgadrin is disgusted at his assignment. He alludes a sense of cool arrogance, speaks of himself as better than the humans at court, but treats them as children, destined to never be as cultured as the elves. The King is none too fond of Eilgadrin and rarely seeks his aid or his advice for anything, only sending for him when he must send messages to the Prince.

Baronet Alywyn Baylita An elf born and raised on the northern reaches of Candor, Alywyn twice saved King Roland's life before his ascension, and was granted his title as Baronet after discovering and thwarting an attempt on the King's life three years ago. Alywyn spends alot of time away from court, ranging north from the city into elven lands, hunting and living off the land, as well as speaking with the common elves and some of the lesser nobles. When the King seeks advice about how to deal with the elves, rather than deal with Eilgadrin, the King calls up Alywyn to discuss matters.

Captain Daryll Thorson A captain in the Royal Navy of the Isles of Romalda, Thorson is the official representative of King Dieter IX of Romalda to Belfiad. Thorson has secured lucrative trading contracts with King Roland, allowing most trade between the two countries to continue tax-free. He has often hinted that his current position is a punishment for some infraction on his part. He complains at length about the dryness of the air and pines for the sting of sea-air and the rocking of his ship. Thorson is loud brash and uncouth, a heavy drinker and a gambler. Though disliked and shunned by much of the court, Thorson has earned the respect and friendship of Roland by being straightforward and blunt with his negoatiations, and not hesitating to critisize others who are more deceitfull in their dealings.

Other Important Figures

Duchy of Frinor

Duke Guirman Lexus: An elderly noble, Duke Lexus is barely able to stand anymore, but stubbornly clings to his ducal seat. Despite his physical frailties, he is a powerfull wizard, and when his strength holds up for him, a passable swordsman. Though his duchy is relatively small, Lexus still commands significant respect among the other Dukes who spend considerable resources courting his favor on some issue or other.
Though generally a peacable man, Lexus has called up his knights and nobles to fiercly defend his lands from the approaching army of goblins, refusing to even attempt to negotiate.
The Sword of Mardin Lexus rests in Lexus's chambers. As even in his younger years he was more comfortable relying on his spells than a sword, Lexus has rarely made use of the sword, more comfortable leaving it behind in safety. He has considered presenting the sword as a gift to one of his counts or generals who could use it more effectively, and as a gift to help bind his loyalty.

Count Travin Brone: Granted his lands by Lexus for works of exceptional valor, Brone is Lexus's most respected supported. His lands lie to the southwest of the duchy and are extremely fertile and productive. Though he respects Lexus and is gratefull for his position, Brone often argues vigorously with the Duke over military policy.
He has sent some troups to help defend Frinor from the goblins, but insists on keeping the bulk of his forces close to home, gazing across the border at the withered Duchy of Bravnair with a distrustfull eye.

Duchy of Tirone

Duke Rufus Arman: An arrogant, power-hungry man, always intent on finding ways to extend his duchy. Has long been trying to find reason to go war with the goblins or elves in order to carve out another county or two for his followers.

Grandmaster Althor Lironn of the Order of the Imperial Falcon: A Baron in his own right (owning a small barony in the County of Sonn Fields) Lironn is Fiercly loyal to the King, and hates the current Duke of Tirone with a passion, seeing him as a sniveling megalomaniac who can't see he's completely under the sway of those damn wizards. However, he has carefully conducted himself, following rules and protocols strictly, carefull to give Arman no grounds to object to his actions. Lironn's attention has been taxed lately, directing his knights in their duties in Tirone, keeping an eye on what both Arman and Argonelle are doing and trying to assist the failing Order of the Imperial Wolf in Branvair to the west.

The Paladin: A legend in his own times, this man, known only as The Paladin, is the only known Paladin of Menaia. Now retired to training priests in the Temple of Menaia in Tirone in the arts of combat, so that they might defend themselves and their companions when needed, The Paladin was for ten years the most well known hero, in the country. He and a select band of companions, recovered the Circlet of Menaia, and the ancient Maul of King Gravitz (the return of which averted a war with the Kingdom of Kamdarek and earned the merchants of Tirone lucrative trading contracts) and defeated a strange horde of mutated Dragon-Trolls in the Girenn Marshes. The Paladin retired from his "heroing" duties after his band broke up due to internal problems. The Paladin had an argument with the wizard Fenrik, and the two went their seperate ways in a huff. The rest of the band abandoned both of them, sick of their bickering.

Lord Mayor Sivan Mark of Tirone:A well meaning, but weak man. His edicts are fair and serve to keep the city prosperous and the people happy. But he has a tendancy to give into the threats of Gulen Argonelle, and his clan. Has passed several laws that favor these wizards, because he fears for his life.

The Tirone Town Council: The town council drafts and presents all potential laws and ordinances to the Mayor for his approval. The council is made up of seven members elected from the most powerful families in town, the most influential being Vaidmar Argonelle, son of the feared wizard, Gulen Argonelle. Anything that Vaidmar pushes through council tends to get signed by the mayor.

Councillor Vaidmar Argonelle: A superb speaker and statesman, Vaidmar is also an accomplished wizard. He is known practice carpentry in some of his spare time, carving beautiful statues and small trinkets. Actually seems to enjoy speaking with craftsmen and other townsfolk, while the rest of his family tends to look at everyone with equal disdain.

Zodkar: An old wizard living in the city of Tirone. Though he has no seat on the Town Council, he dilligently attends council meetings and consistently fights the interests of Vaidmar Argonelle and his family. Lord Mayor Mark occasionally seeks guidance from Zodkar, but usually fears retribution from the Argonelles too much. Zodkar is a known philanthropist, particularly concentrating on helping other wizards pay their dues to the "Maging Guild of Tirone," which all arcane magic practioners in the city are required to join by law. The guild is owned and run by the Argonelle's. Zodkar has been growing absent-minded of late, his great age starting to tax his mind. Few know for sure how old Zodkar really is, but rumors suggest he must be nearly 100.

The Argonelles

Gulen Argonelle: A powerfull wizard, and master of the Maging Guild of Tirone, Gulen is ambitious, determined and outspoken. He singlehandedly put together the Maging Guild and proceeded to force all the wizards in the city to join, through bullying and later forcing laws through council. He and his brood of children (2 daughters and 7 sons) all wear elaborate blue robes while in the city and command respect from all in their way. Simce establishing his Guild, Gulen has let his disdain for the common people and the council show through, and has left the council to his son, Vaidmar. In addition to his children, the Argonelle's have a network of agents and informers that spans the duchy and beyond. Gulen has a policy of dealing directly only with those who follow the arcane path, sending underlings to deal with others when he has to.

Margarite Argonelle, the Blue Lady: Eldest daughter of Gulen Argonelle, Margarite is both loved and feared throughout the city. Known for her mercilessness, as well as her astounding beauty, Margarite expects to be treated as a queen wherever in the city she wanders. Dressed in blue robes, with long blonde hair, this woman in her early 30's spends much of her time looking for, and discarding worthy mates. Often those who try to win her favor are never seen or heard from again. Margarite is known to be a wizard of at least as much power as her brother Vaidmar, and she flaunts her powers much more elaborately.