Maps of the Realms

Yet another minimalist page brought to you by your esteemed, DM. Come and take a gander at the wonderfully simple and quickly drawn (ok, ok, they're just plain bad) Hopefully, though, they'll serve their intended purpose, which is to give you an idea how this world is laid out.

First, we have a link to my first map. This is the map of the western edge of the main continent, forming most of the known world as the characters know it. What lies beyond is anyone's guess....

Here is a map of Tirone the major city that the characters have been in hanging around. This map is extremely crude, drawn over a whole 3 minutes, as I was looking over my notes. Ahh, the wonderfull things you can do with Windows Paint.

There is also a map of the dwarven city of Raggaduk.

That's all, I'm afraid. When I think of something else worth mapping, I'll probably get around to eventually doing something about it. Then at some point it might actually make it to this page.