Planar Cosmology of Tirotha (Under Construction)

The Immortal Plane

The Immortal Plane is heaven, it is hell. It is the home of the Gods, and their servants. It is the home of the dead. It is vast tracts of emptiness, it is lush forest, deserts that melt lead, and white marble temples.

The home of the gods is an infinite void, with pockets of "reality." Every god of the mortal plane has a residence here, and tailor their home to their desires, and their personalities. The home of Quolen is a city of white marble building amid jungles teeming with life; The home of Lorelon is a vast forest dotted with sacred groves; The home of the orcish god is an bloody plain where the spirits of fallen orcish warriors battle endlessly among ruined human and elven cities.

Immortal Plane Traits

The Immortal Plane has the following traits.

Immortal Plane Links

The Immortal Plane is distant and closed off from most of the other planes. There are a handfull of portals from the Plane of the Gods to the Nether Plane. The gods and their servants have no need of portals to travel between planes, and the dead cannot return without magical assistance.

The Elemental Plane

The Elemental Plane is a swirling mass of the stuff of which the world is constructed. It was from the Elemental Plane that the ancient Elder Gods built the universe. The infinite reaches of the plane continually merges and reforms, condensing into pockets of individual elements only to break up again seconds, days or in places years later. There are also large zones where each of the six elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Cold, Plant) dominiate and the topography is largely stable.

Elemental Plane Traits

The Elemental Plane has the follwing traits:

The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is a mirror of the Mortal Plane only ghostly, unreal, and smaller. All physical, immobile objects on the mortal plane exist on the astral plane, but in a ghostly and intangible form. Many inhabitants of the Astral plane can see into the mortal plane further, picking out even living creatures there.

Astral Plane Traits

The Mortal Plane

The Nether Plane

The home of demons and cevils and all the other stuff of nightmares, the Nether Plane is a plane of concentrated Evil, a barren landscape of rock and magma under a pitch black sky. The plane itself is hostile to mortal life, quickly leaching all life from the living and trapping their soul to wander forever lost on the plane.

Nether Plane Traits

The Nether Plane has the following traits.