Sorcerors in Tirotha

If you ask almost anyone in Tirotha to picture a spellcaster, and they'll either think of a wizard huddled over his dusty books in his tower, or a devout priest chanting prayers. But there is a third, little known class. Among the dwarves and gnomes are arcane spellcasters who have no need of books. The magic flows through their veins, and speaks to them in their dreams. (In other words, they are Sorcerors, as described in the 3rd edition PHB).

Among the gnomes, sorcerors are well respected. When they are found they often recieve high station among their people, being called upon for advice and judgement even more often than the clan's wizards. They almost always feel the pull to leave their homes, however as only by experiencing all the world has to offer can they unleash the full measure of the power within them.

The dwarves are lest trustfull of the rare sorcerors who are born among them. Distrustfull of arcane magic in general, many dwarves fear the often random and uncontrollable power of the emerging sorceror. Most dwarven sorcerors feel pushed out of their homes, unable to abide the worried glances of their kinfolk. Outside of their homes dwarven sorcerors are thought strange at first, but their undoubtably vibrant personalities are a welcome contrast to their more typically dour brothers. Many a dwarven sorceror has found himself working as an ambassador for their nation to the other races, still feeling the need to be of worth to the people that shun them.

Even rarer are the halfling sorcerors, and even less spoken of. A non-judgemental people, the halflings are easily willing to accept the strange powers of the sorcerors, and make full use of their abilities. Halfling sorcerors tend toward subtle and discrete magics, and it is very difficult to pick a sorceror out of an otherwise average group of halflings.

Sorcerors also appear among the orcs and goblins (and rumor has it among ogres and trolls as well). If they can survive through their childhood, these individuals undoubtedly gain respect as their arcane abilities augment their physical ones to make them a match for any of their fellows.