My City of Heroes Characters

I've racked up a fair number of different characters here, all on Guardian, now covering each of the archetypes and origins.

Here's my main character, Thaumonuclear, with a temporary toy. He's a Magical Energy/Electricity Blaster, around level 30

Razorbak Rumble is actually my first character, a Claws/Super Reflex mutant scrapper. But I found a blaster to be more my style and mostly put him on the backburner for Thaumo. He's around level 12 now.

Cybermind is an experimental robot with mind control abilities. It is a Mind/Empathy controller. About level 12 as well.

Split Neutron is my Rad/Rad defender. He's a bit of a change from my other chars, lacking the punch for solo work. But he's been fun running as support.

Ms. Moxie is a Natural SuperStrength/Invulnerability tanker.