Char - PL 8

STR 10/2, STA 2, AGL 2, DEX 1, FGT 3, INT 0, AWE 2, PRE 3


Advantages: Attractive, Benefit: Wealth 1, Close Attack 3, Improved Smash, Interpose

Skills: Acrobatics 5 (+7), Athletics 8 (+18), Intimidation 4 (+7), Persuasion 2 (+5), Ranged Combat: Throw 5 (+6)

Offense: Init +2, Unarmed +6 (DC25), Molten Body +6 (DC19), Throw +6 (DC 25) Defense: Dodge 5, Parry 7, Fort 10, Tou 9, Will 6

Totals: Abilities 30 + Powers 52 + Advantages 7 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Defenses 19 = 120

Complications: Motivation: Thrills Lance was shocked when his powers first manifested, but he's now come to love the things they allow him to do and the risks they allow him to take. Accident Char's lava form is extremely hot and he has not control over its temperature. While he tries to be careful with it, he often causes fires or melts things accidentally. Weakness: Cold When exposed to intense cold or ice Char's lava body turns to solid rock freezing him in place. Any cold effect applies an additional Afflcition (Fort) at the same rank providing Hindered, Stunned, Paralyzed

Lance Preston was wealthy, popular, handsome and athletic at a prestiguous private school when his mutant powers emerged. Lance has the ability to change his body in to living magma. Hard as rock and burning hot, he took the name Char and transferred to Claremont. He's learning how his rock form can help protect innocents and his teammates.