Leviathan - PL 10

STR 12, STA 8, AGL 2, DEX 4, FGT 6, INT 0, AWE 0, PRE 0


Advantages: Close Attack 2, Interpose, Power Attack, Startle

Skills: Athletics 5 (+17), Insight 4 (+4), Intimidation 10 (+10), Perception 5 (+5), Ranged Combat: Throw 4 (+8)

Offense: Init +2, Unarmed +8 (DC27), Grab +8 (DC Spec 22), Throw +8 (DC 27), Affliction (DC 16 Dodge), Move Object (DC 16) Defense: Dodge 5, Parry 7, Fort 14, Tou 13, Will 6

Totals: Abilities 64 + Powers 28 + Advantages 5 + Skills 14 (28 ranks) + Defenses 16 = 127

Complications: Motivation: Loyalty Leviathan owed his life to King Theseus and served with pride in hopes of repaying that debt. His fall to Poseidon's control has only strengthened his need to show his loyalty to his new queen Density Leviathan's weight can be an advantage when he wants to stay put in a fight, but not every structure is built to support 800 pounds

The Ultra Guard are a team of heroes charged with defending Atlantis from super-powered threats and natural disasters. While King Theseus (and later Queen Thetis) are themselves quite potent heroes, their official duties (and the fears of their advisors) keep them from responding to every danger that comes Atlantis's way).

Leviathan is the Captain of the Ultraguard, a physical powerhouse of massive proportions. He is a bald figure with olive green skin covered in fine scales, and wears a blue uniform with a high collar and heavy black boots. There are rumors among the Atlanteans that Leviathan has Deep One ancestry, but no one dares suggest such a thing around him. He attributes his scales and size to mutation due to his mother's contact with a sunken nuclear submarine.

Leviathan is a veteran of many years, having worked closing with Theseus while he was still just prince. Seeing how his king acted away from all the trappings of royalty instilled a great respect in the massive man and no ever questioned his loyalty. It was thus a huge hit to his pride when the usurper King Poseidon gained control of his mind and turned him against the rightful monarch.

Recognizing that his teammates lack his thick hide and dense muscles, he prefers to lead his team from the front, placing himself in front of danger setting his enemies off balance with his titanic roars.

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