Myst - PL 10

STR 2, STA 2, AGL 3, DEX 2, FGT 4, INT 1, AWE 6, PRE 1


Advantages: Daze (Deception), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 4

Skills: Close Combat 4 (+8) (Mist Form), Deception 5 (+6), Insight 2 (+8), Perception 10 (+16), Persuasion 4 (+5), Stealth 10 (+13)

Offense: Init +3, Unarmed +4 (DC17), Suffocation +8 (DC 22 Fortitude), Luminous Mist: Busrt Area Nullify (DC Will 20) Defense: Dodge 8, Parry 10, Fort 8, Tou 6/2, Will 10

Totals: Abilities 42 + Powers 95 + Advantages 6 + Skills 18 (35 ranks) + Defenses 21 = 192

Complications: Motivation: Loyalty A long time friend of Leviathan, Myst is ready to follow wherever he leads, and right now that lead is defending Atlantis and its Queen. It's the humidity Myst's power relies on manipulating the water in the air around her. In exceptionally dry climates she cannot assume her Mist Form

The Ultra Guard are a team of heroes charged with defending Atlantis from super-powered threats and natural disasters. While King Theseus (and later Queen Thetis) are themselves quite potent heroes, their official duties (and the fears of their advisors) keep them from responding to every danger that comes Atlantis's way).

Myst has been with the Ultraguard as long as Leviathan, a trusted veteran member providing support for Leviathan and Galtheon. She comes from a line of hydromancers, able to touch the water around them in various ways. She can put up walls of solid mist to defend her allies or deny her enemies routes of escape, and is skilled at blanketing areas in heavy mists, revealing invisible targets. She is fragile in a fight, but can become gaseous and very hard to tough.

Myst wears a white and aqua unifrom, with a translucent grey shawl over her shoulder. She wears long purple hair down her back.

Myst is a longtime friend of Leviathan, and has great respect for the Atlantean royal line. She likes to remain quiet, listening rather than speaking, letting her allies do the talking.

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