Nightstorm - PL 11

STR 6, STA 2, AGL 0, DEX 0, FGT 4, INT 3, AWE 3, PRE 1


Advantages: Close Attack 8, Ranged Attack 6, Improved Grab

Skills: Expertise: Physical Science 4 (+7), Intimidation 4 (+5), Perception 4 (+7), Technology 8 (+11), Vehicles 4 (+6)

Offense: Init +2, Unarmed +12 (DC21), Grab +12 (DC Spec 20), Throw +4 (DC 21), Whip Slash +12 (DC 25 Tou, DC 20 Fort), Taser Whip +12 (DC 20 Fort), Electrical Aura +12 (DC 21), Deflect +12 Defense: Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fort 14, Tou 12, Will 8

Totals: Abilities 30 + Powers 83 + Advantages 10 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Defenses 33 = 168

Complications: Motivation: Respect Night Storm never got the respect in the scientific community that he wanted. Since donning the Night Storm armor and joining up with SHADOW he is able to TAKE the respect he deserves. Overload The power cells controlling Nightstorm's armor can be unstable. If he takes a 2nd degree damage or affliction effect with an electrical or lightning descriptor, the armor overloads and is unusable for 2 rounds until it reboots

Dr. Frank Pierce is a brilliant mechanical engineer and inventor. He began his career at ASTRO labs, but always felt that his colleagues understimated him and would not recognize his true genius. He soon began siphoning off research funds and stealing components from the lab to work on his secret project, the Storm armor, a powered suit equipped with high-energy whips. Before he could complete the armor, he was discovered and he had to take his prototype and flee. He smuggled his suit to Germany where he encountered recruiters for the SHADOW organization. Finally someone appreciated his genius and offered to fully support his research

Equipped with the finished Storm armor, Pierce took the name Nightstorm and continued to work as technical support for various SHADOW cells, as well as providing additional combat support where needed. SHADOW's political connections have kept him out of jail on numerous occasion and shuffled him around the world. He was last seen in Freedom City working with the Umbral Knight

Nightstorm's armor is a high-tech grey armored suit, granting him strenght, protection and flight. Usually he deploys two energy whips to confront enemies, but he can deploy as many as 4 to help bind up an enemy. The suit can also engage an offensive electrical aura, zapping anyone who comes near with high voltage