Ninjette - PL 10

STR 3, STA 3, AGL 6, DEX 6, FGT 7, INT 0, AWE 2, PRE 1


Advantages: All-out Attack, Daze (Deception), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 4, Great Endurance, Improved Aim, Improved Critical: Katana, Improved Initiative 1, Power Attack, Language 1 (Japanese)

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+10), Athletics 4 (+7), Close Combat: Katana 7 (+14), Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+12), Deception 8 (+9), Expertise: Ninja 6 (+6), Intimidation 8 (+9), Perception 6 (+8), Ranged Combat 4 (+10)Stealth 10 (+16)

Offense: Init +10, Damage: Grab +7 (DC Spec 13), Magic Katana: Strength-based Strike +14 (19-20 crit)(DC 21), Shuriken +10 (DC 16), Throw +6 (DC 18), Unarmed +12 (DC 18). Defense: Dodge 13, Parry 13, Fort 8, Tou 7/3, Will 12

Totals: Abilities 56 + Powers 18 + Advantages 13 + Skills 31 (62 ranks) + Defenses 28 = 151

Complications: Motivation: Responsibility: Ninjette turned to heroics after a falling out with her family, a clan of assassins working in the shadows of Tokyo. She hopes to make up for the murderous ways of her family, Enemy: The Invisible Hand, Ninjette's former associates with the Invisible Hand assassin clan are aware of her betrayal and new nickname, as they spread their influence into the west-coast of the US, they plan to punish her.

Ito Kimiko worked briefly as a member of the Freedom League, dubbed by Johnny Rocket as Ninjette. While she was honestly trying to make up for her past and fight crime, her methods were more direct and lethal than her teammates. After repeated arguments over these methods with Captain Thunder, and personality conflicts with Johnny she quit the team and moved to Emerald City, where she adopted the name Cold Steel. She regards her time with the Freedom League as an unfortunate episode in her life and is reluctant to talk about it