Solitaire - PL 10

STR 0, STA 3, AGL 2, DEX 2, FGT 0, INT 0, AWE 2, PRE 0


Advantages: Ranged Attack 8, Trance, Uncanny Dodge

Skills: Deception 4 (+4), Expertise(Pre): Acting 8 (+8), Expertise: Magic 8 (+8), Perception 2 (+4), Stealth 6 (+8)

Offense: Init +2, Energy Blast +10 (DC25), Mental Blast (Perception, DC 20 Will), Mind Control (Perception, DC 16 Will), Move Object +10 (DC20) Defense: Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fort 8, Tou 14, Will 12

Totals: Abilities 18 + Powers 83 + Advantages 10 + Skills 14 (28 ranks) + Defenses 25 = 150

Complications: Motivation: Doing Good, Elaine is determinted to be a hero and seek out the goodness in others. Naive, Elaine is rather naive about the real world, and is often too trusting and surprised when dishonest people try to take advantage of her. Widget Elaine uses a focus she calls Widget to help her draw power for her magic. If Widget is stolen or damaged, her magic array gains the "Tiring" flaw.

Elaine King was raised by a Cabal of evil sorcerors and trained as a mystical assasin. She believed she was being sent to destroy the evil in the world, but on her first assignment she realized her trainers and superiors were the evil ones. She has changed her ways and teamed up with The Champions to be the hero she always saw herself as.