Velocity - PL 10

STR 2, STA 3, AGL 4, DEX 2, FGT 4, INT -2, AWE 3, PRE 2


Advantages: Benefit, Wealth 1, Improved Initiative 2, Improved Smash, Move-by Action, Power Attack

Skills: Perception 2 (+5), Technology 2 (+0), Vehicles 4 (+6)

Offense: Init +12, Unarmed +4 (DC17), Grab +4 (DC Spec 12), Throw +2 (DC 17), Collision Field +6 (DC 29), Projected Field: Line Area (DC 20) Defense: Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fort 8, Tou 8, Will 12

Totals: Abilities 36 + Powers 50 + Advantages 6 + Skills 4 (8 ranks) + Defenses 30 = 126

Complications: Motivation: Thrills Velocity wants to go fast and he wants to have fun doing it. He loves tangling with Super-Heroes (or Super-Villains, he's not picky). He loves rushing in to danger. Power Loss If tricked colliding with a barrier he can't breach, the propulsion field collapses, leaving Velocity temporarily powerless. After 2 rounds of recovery he can light up the field again.

Joe Paulie always loved speed. He loved to drive fast and loved to buy fast cars. Luckily, his parents' money supported his hobby. Things changed when his car broke down one fateful rainy night. He was looking under the hood of his car when lightning struck. He survived the strike, stunned and disoriented, but stumbled into the road where an 18-wheeler was barrelling toward him. Bizarre instinct told him to jump not away but toward the truck and he found himself flying straight through the truck, leaving a wreck behind.

It took some time before Joe realized what happened, but when he did he left his love of cars behind. He could Fly. And Fast. Faster than any car. And when he was flying he was virtually invulnerable. He revelled in the speed, but quickly saw the opportunity for monetary gain. He pieced together a costume, called himself "Velocity" and robbed a few armored trucks, escaping before the police could arrive. It was a close call, though, and Joe instead started working for other supervillians who were better at planning