The Forces of the Squat Brotherhood

A Squat Army List, by Chad Lubrecht

This are old rules I wrote up for use with 2nd edition Warhammer 40k.

  1. Characters
  2. Squads
  3. Support
  4. Squat Wargear List
  5. Special Rules
  6. Squat Only Wargear and Vehicle Cards

Squat Army Structure

The squats do not maintain large standing armies like the Imperium. Instead in times of war all able-bodied squats gather together to form the brotherhood. Each squat takes down his ancient family weapons and joins together with his family to defend the stronghold and the League. The squats are led by older respected members of the community, known as patriarchs. The oldest, most respected members of the stronghold are appointed the titles Warlod (The commander of a stronghold's entire military force) or Captain. These individuals are often accompanied by their most trusted friends and family, the hearthguard. The Engineers' and Armorers' guilds open their stockpiles of heavy weapons, lending these to honored squats, who treat these great weapons with the respect they are due. This is the Brotherhood, and forms the bulk of the army the squats bring to the field.

Alongside the Brotherhood march the Mine Wardens, the only standing army the squats maintain, as well as large groups of engineers, who are reluctant to leave their precious devices too far out of sight, and the engineer driven vehicles. In times of great conflict, (ie. involving enemy Titans and Gargants) the engineering guilds open their deepest vaults and uncover their vast stores of super-heavy vehicles and tank squadrons. The guild does not have the manpower to equip these armies themselves, so they must allow non-guild squats to help operate the vehicles. In these times the command of the army falls to the Engineer High Guildmaster and his military aids.

Basic Squat vulnerabilities and immunites

All squats have no protection from choke, hallucinoegen, virus or scare. They have some protection from toxin (killed on 3+). They have protective/infrared visors.

Squats in exo-armour automatically recieve fully enclosed life support and autosenses.

1. Characters

Up to 50% of the squat army may be chose from characters.

I have only listed stats etc, for characters which are different from those in the original squat list.

2. Squads

At least 25% of the army must be chosen form the squads section of the army list

3. Support

Upt to 50% of the army may be chosen from the Support section.


In order to have any vehicles, the army must include a squat engineer guildmaster. All squat vehicle crew are equipped with flak armor and laspistols.

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