Dungeon Fest is a simple set of rules intended as a begging entry point to the world of Role Playing Games. They do not include elaborate character creations or advancement rules, complex skill or magic mechanics. I tried to fit as much of the information as possible on a quarter sheet of paper. Most actions are resolve with a roll of 2d6, while other dice might be necessary for damage or magnitude of effect.

The Combat Turn

Most of the rules are combat centric. Outside of combat, it is assumed common sense rulings can apply, possibly guided by some of the descriptive abilities. When combat starts, each player rolls 1d6 and add their init raiting. The GM rolls once with a +0 init. Players take turn in descending order of initiave. Once everyone has gone, return to the top.

On each players turn, he may do 2 things, in any order
  1. Move squares equal to the move score.
  2. Use an ability such as a strike or a spell

Any strike or spell ability will list a bonus to strike or cast. Roll 2d6 and add this bonus. If the result is greater than or equal to 7, the abilities effects occur

If not listed as 'ranged' or 'area', the ability can affect one target advacent to the PC. If ranged, it can affect one target visible to the PC. If area, it can affect a group of targets, roll strike or cast against each target

For a strike ability, if the target has a dodge rating, the target may roll 2d6 and add dodge. If this total equals or exceeds 12, the attack is avoided entirely.

If the attack does damage, roll the specified die and subtract the target's armor. IF any dice rolled give the maximum value, each one applies a minimum of 1 damage. (If target has 6 armor, but the damage roll was 2d4 giving a 4 and a 1, the attack still does 1 damage)

Damage is cumulative and adds up throughout the combat. If total damage to a character equals or exceeds their hit points, that character is knocked unconscious, and is out of the fight

Many spells have their effects reduced by the target's resist score. Others specify a roll that much exceed the target's resist score in order to take efffect

Special Effects

Some abilities have effects too complicated to fit on the sheet

Knockdown - If an effect grants knockdown. Attacker and defender both roll 2d6. Large creatures add 2. Small creatures subtract 2. If the attacker's roll is greater than defender's, defender is knocked down. A knocked odwn creature has -2 to strike and cannot dodge or move. Attackers hitting a knocked down creature get +1 to stirke, +1 to damage. Standing up takes a full round (no other movement or action)

Hero Points

Hero points are an optional rule, to give players a chance to put an extra effort in at just the right time. Hero points can be represented by coins, beads or poker chips

Character Sheets

Halfling Warrior
Sword - Strike +2 1d8 damage
Sling - Ranged Strike +4 1d6 damage
Sneak Attack - Strike +3 2d8 damage. Must be attack from behind or from cover
Stealth - Cannot be seen if in cover

Each player should have a character sheet, such as shown on the left. Some examples are available here, suitable as PCs. More sheets can be used as NPCs and monsters. These are created on an ad-hoc basis, focusing on providing fun abilities more than balance

Character Sheet Summary

Character Creation and Advancement

No formal system is provided for creation new characters. Existing sheets, and your players' imaginations should be used to determine appropriate stats and abilities.

I suggest advancing characters one level after every adventure. Give the character an additional HP. Every 4 levels allow the player to choose another stat to improve by 1. Every level, make a small improvement to an ability (increase strike bonus, or damage, add small additional effect), or add a new ability/swap out an old one.

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