Freedom Hall

The Freedom League has been Freedom City's Premiere super hero team for decades. Freedom Hall is their main base of operations in the City, consisting of a 4 story pyramid in City Center. This is a map of Freedom Hall I layed out for our game.

Freedom Hall is a modern pyramidal structure in downtown Freedom City

1st Floor - Public Areas

The 1st floor of Freedom Hall contains most of the Freedom League's public facing facilities. It consists of a Reception lobby, several conference rooms and a Museum featuring statues and dioramas of important moments in League History.

1st Floor Freedom Hall. Reception, Conference Rooms, Musuem

2nd Floor - Work Areas

The 2nd Floor contains the League's main working area as well as facilities for extended stays for special guests.

2nd Floor Freedom Hall. Meeting Rooms, Offices, Guest Rooms

  • 1 - Main Meeting Room - This is where the League conducts most of its private team meetings. It has chairs for 8 league members, a large retractable computer screen. In front of each chair is a keyboard, trackball and small monitor linked to the main computer system. A retractable folding wall provides access to 1a
  • 1a - Auxillary Meeting Room. Current storage, stacked with tables and boxes.
  • 2 - Temporary Residences - Contains bed, dresser, desk w/ computer access/TV. Used by extended guests of the League
  • 3 - Teleporter access to The Lighthouse - A teleport pad can transport one person and up to 200 pounds at a time to the League's space station. This room is normally locked and the teleport system kept powered down. Walls are Toughness 18. Disabling the lock requires DC 20 tech. Activating the system is DC 20 and then DC 25 to gain access to controls
  • 4 - Guest Lounge - Large Screen TV/Sound System. Chairs and couch. Table ennis and Pool Table. Beverage Fridge.
  • 5 - Offices - Rooms for private work by individual members. Officially designated Captian Thunder/Bowman, Johnny Rocket/Star Knight, Daedalus/Pseudo, Lady Liberty/Raven. In reality, Captain Thunder, Johnny Rocket and Daedalus mostly work upstairs, so only Lady Liberty and Raven usually get in each other's way.
  • 6 - Library - Computer access. Scanner and printer. Eclectic selection of fiction and non-fiction books in hard and soft cover. A box beneath one of the computers contains a collection of Archie comic books.

3rd Floor - Living Areas

Captain Thunder, Johnny Rocket, Daedalus and their families live full time in Freedom Hall, their living quarters are on this floor.

3rd Floor Freedom Hall. Living Areas

  • 1 - Captain Thunder's Quarters - Bedroom, office and bathroom for Captain Thunder and his wife.
  • 2 - Johnny Rocket's Quarters - Bedroom, office and bedroom for Johnny Rocket and his husband
  • 3 - Thunderbolt's Quarters - Bedroom for Ray Gardner, Jr.
  • 4 - Daedalus's Quarters - Bedroom, office and bathroom for Daedalus
  • 5 - Dining Room
  • 6 - Gym - Bench press, treadmill, basketball hoop
  • 7 - Kitchen - Manned by the Freedom League's android cook, Raoul

4th Floor - Hangar Areas

The Freedom League's vehicles are housed on the top floor. Sliding doors on the roof opens to provide access for the Pegasus or the Skybikes. The doors are further reinforced by a forcefield which deals Damage 10 to anyone moving through it. Daedalus's personal lab is also on this floor.

4th Floor Freedom Hall. Hangar Areas

  • 1 - Lab Anteroom - A waiting area outside Daedalus's private lab. Two well-padded chairs with fine leather upholstery and heat and massage functionality. Cynthia keeps it stocked with current magazines, and a tablet next to each seat is programmed to display a highly technical presentation of some of Daedalus's latest developments.
  • 2 - Daedalus's Lab - This is Daedalus's private labs where he conducts his often top secret research. There are supplies for chemical, biological and materials manufacture and testing, but nothing appears to be currently in progress. The doors are locked with a superior lock (DC 30) and the walls are stronger than the rest of the building (Toughness 20). Unauthorized access to the lab triggers a sonic trap to disable intruders until the alarm brings members of the Freedom League.
  • 3 - Hangar - The storage and maintenance garage for the Freedom League's vehicles. The parking space for the Pegasus Space Plane lies directly under the rooftop entrance, and four skybikes sit to the side. Controls for both the sliding doors and the forcefield sit at the north end of the hangar, with all manner of mechanical and electronics tools for vehicle maintenance are at the south.

Sublevel 1 - Emergency Bunker

The first sublevel of Freedom Hall is intended as emergency living and work areas in case the upper floors become unusable. At other times it can be used for overflow housing and meeting space.

Freedom Hall 1st Sublevel. Emergency Bunker

  • 1 - Conference Room - Meeting space with wide screen computer monitor and backup system mainframe and workstation. Not as lushly furnished as the conference rooms on the upper floors, but functional.
  • 2 - Barracks - Emergency living quarters or housing for extended guests.
  • 3 - Conference/Dining Area - Additional meeting or dining area.
  • 4 - Infirmary - Treatment area for injured team members.
  • 5 - Medlab - Full furnished medical lab.
  • 6 - Storage areas
  • 7 - Kitchen - Food preparation area

Sublevel 2

The second sublevel of Freedom Hall contains more sensitive facilities, including a block of holding cells, emergency power systems and the Freedom League's computer banks.

Freedom Hall 2nd Sublevel. Facilities

  • 1 - Holding Cells - This block of holding cells provides space to restrain prisoners until they can be transferred to civil authorities. The walls are reinforced DC 20, and advanced locks DC20. The Freedom League has a variety of magical and technological power-dampeners to deal with powered-prisoners.
  • 2 - Power Systems - Backup generators can provide Freedom Hall with full power for two weeks, off the grid. Solar cells on Freedom Hall can provide limited power indefinitely.
  • 3 - Server Room - Contains the internals of Freedom Hall's main computer, as well as extensive storage for data back ups.
  • 4 - Wreck Room - The Freedom League's training room. Provides room for the Freedom League to exercise and practice, as well as try out tactics against holographic and robotic opponents and other hazards in a controlled environment
  • 5 - Wreck Room Control Room - Computer interface for the Wreck Room and observation room
  • 6 - Storage