My House Rules (open for comment)

Wizards and Sorcerors

Also see notes on sorcerors in Tirotha

Fighters and Paladins





New Domains/Domain Changes

Several of the domains listed on the gods page are not in the PHB. Unless noted below here, these refer to domains from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Book. (I do not actually have the book, but I have the listing of new domains and other goodies that was released in this document).


Granted Power: Gains +2 divine bonus to saving throwing against Death spells and magical death attacks. May grant a +1 divine bonus to these saving throws to 1 person/ 2 levels/day as a spell-like effect lasting 1 minute/level.

  1. Cause Fear
  2. Gentle Repose
  3. Speak with Dead
  4. Death Ward
  5. Slay Living
  6. Darkwater (as in Relics and Rituals)
  7. Circle of Death
  8. Finger of Death
  9. Soul Bind


Granted Power:Gain a +2 on checks to rebuke or control undead. If your turning checks indicate you may control an undead creature, you may instead decide to destroy it (for example, if you already control your HD limit)

  1. Invisibility to Undead
  2. Desecrate
  3. Animate Dead
  4. Enervation
  5. Imbue Shadow (as in Relics and Rituals)
  6. Create Undead
  7. Control Undead
  8. Create Greater Undead
  9. Energy Drain


Granted Power:Immunity to the effects of all diseases, though clerics with this power can (and gladly do) still carry infectious diseases

  1. Doom
  2. Endurance
  3. Contagion
  4. Vermin Plague (As in Relics and Rituals)
  5. Plague Touch (As in Relics and Rituals 2)
  6. Chern's Exhalation (RR2) (A bit much perhaps?)
  7. Virulence (RR2)
  8. Healing Interdiction (RR2)
  9. Incapacitate (RR)

New Spells/Spell Changes

Animate Dead: Level becomes Clr 3, Undead 3, Sor/Wiz 3. Cannot be cast by clerics of good dieties, or neutral dieties other than Zakath. Clerics of Zakath who overuse this spell risk losing their powers. The animation of Undead is generally considered to be evil by most of the civilized races.

Create Undead: Level Becomes Clr 6, Undead 6, Evil 6, Sor/Wiz 7.

Create Greater Undead: Level Becomes Clr 7, Undead 7, Evil 7, Sor/Wiz 8.

Actually, I dislike the Create Undead/Greater Undead spells, and would like to work something more specific to the undead created. (Create ghoul/ghast for example... would have to address the loss of flexibility.)

True Ressurection: Level becomes Healing 9. (That is, it can only be cast as a Healing domain spell.) I also plan to make available several of the spells from Defenders of the Faith, Tome and Blood, and Relics and Rituals, when I have the time to look at them more closely.

Prestige Classes

Sword of Gerrain a Holy Warrior prestige class for the Human God of War. Still under construction