The Future of Next-Gen

What happened to the old Next Gen?

The first class of Next-Gen has graduated and move on. Some have joined the Freedom League while others have sought other pursuits

The lineup of Next-Gen as presented in the Freedom City Sourcebook (2nd edition) have aged and graduated from Claremont Academy. Headmaster Summers has continued to seek out students with exceptional abilities to take the place of his departing students. The eldest, Lupine, spent some time working with the older Next-Gen members before they graduated, but the rest of the team are raw recruits, inexperienced and untried.

The Next Class

As the team is still extremely new, Headmaster Summers often travels with them in costume as The Raven. But he is very conscious of his age and past injuries limit is mobility. He sees his primary job on the field as being the one to sound retreat and call the mission off when the team gets in over its head.

With the departure of Seven, the team was left without its primary mode of transportation. Headmaster Summer made contact with Maxmillian Mars in Emerald City and now they have a MarsTech MT-1200 Personal JumpJet, a 6 seated VTOL personnel carrier. Tinker has further modified the Jet (nicknamed Grasshopper) to give it an advanced adaptive camoflage skin. Tactically Tinker often provides mobility with either an antigrav unit on his exoskeleton unit or a portable tractor device.

Werewolf art by Ryan Sumo. Other images created in Hero Machine

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