The World of Tirotha, a 3rd Edition AD&D Campaign

The Chicken-Dragon has fallen to the Black Dragon

In these pages you will find some of the information about my gameworld. You can read the house rules in play or check out a quick sketch of the campaign world here( old black and white and new color versions). Also have a look at my list of nations and other places.

I've also added a basic timeline of Tirotha's history. It doesn't include everything, and isn't guaranteed to be accurate (Who says historians always get things right)

The Ancestor Speaker is a basic class meant to represent the holy-man of an ancestor-worshipping barbarian tribe. Still very much a work in progress, but I like the basic ideas.

I've been working on a little map program in my spare time. Feel free to take a look.

Print out your own graph paper, or use this to make maps on your computer

Get an html version of the SRD so you can keep playing 3.5 after your books fall aprt.

NEW! I wrote up a few short adventures (3.5 ed) I ran for my family. Available now: The Scourge of Ekkert's Gorge Includes Herolab portfolio files for major enemy NPCs and a set of pregenerated 1st level characters.

The Lich watches eternally

Black dragon is copyright Forrest Imel

Lich is copyright Ryan Sumo