Freedom City

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For more information about Mutants & Masterminds check out these other websites. The official website for Mutants & Masterminds. Or their online discussion forum The Atomic Think Tank.

Drive Thru RPG has a huge selection of gaming pdfs for sale, including many for Mutants & Masterminds

Vigilance Press Podcast Vigilance Press publishes a variety of M&M compatible products (available on Drive Thru RPG) and also regularly posts a podcast discussing their products, other gaming products, comics and superheros in general and sometimes running actual play sessions.

Punching For Justice Podcast Another podcast covering Mutants & Masterminds, focusing more on official Green Ronin releases, discussing assorted aspects of play and super-hero movies and television shows.

Hero Machine is a good way to make simple character portait designs. Or try out Hero Machine 3.

A modified damage chart also showing Damage DC, since Herolab displays damage as just DC, not the damage rank. Along other campaign information

A Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition game in the Freedom City Setting. Currently on hiatus while we play other games. For more information see the campaign wiki

The Heroes

Our Heroes

Our Heroes have been accepted as full members of the Freedom League and are operating out of Freedom Hall. The rest of the league has gone inactive since their return from space.


Freedom City has been left without its greatest heroes as the Freedom League has disappeared off-world for months. Will new heroes step up to do the job?

  1. The Freedom League Attacks
    Members of the Freedom League unexpectedly reappear in town conducting a robbery of a medical lab. Our heroes gather to stop them and discover a group of aliens have create biorobotic clones.
  2. Freedom League Rescue
    The heroes track the Freedom League through space to the Star Knights' Citadel. They find the League involved in repelling a Grue invasion on an alien world. The heroes break a siege to save the day, and are rewarded with probationary League memberships. The rest of the League remains in space to continue the fight.
  3. Atlantis On My Mind download
    An attack on the Freedom Aquarium by forces of Atlantis soon leads to an attempt to kidnap the Atlantean Princess. King Theseus is believed dead. Who is ruling from his throne, and what does he want? Guest Starring The Next-Gen
  4. Vampires in Freedom
    An attack by the Russian Mafiya on Johnny Olverti's casino leads to a revelation of an ancient vampire lord building a family in Freedom City

    Our Heroes in action

    Gangsters and Vampires

  5. SHADOW and the Scarab
    Agents of SHADOW, lead by the nefarious Umbral Knight, organized and attack on the annual Rhodes Charity Ball, kidnapping the CEO of the Rhodes Foundation, Antonio Cruz. The Umbral Knight accused Cruz of a variety of crimes and promised to publicly execute him. But what do SHADOW's plan have to do with secret magical glyphs left by the deceased mystical hero, the Scarab

Friends and Allies

Through their adventures, our heroes have met a variety of prestigious denizons of Freedom City and its Universe.

Do you like to use a battlemap, but lack the time, money or skill to collect and paint miniatures? I use this page of blank paper standups and copy appropriate images on to them. Print them out, fold them to the triangle shape and tape (or use plastic stands). Some example standups from a recent game.

Do you use Hero Lab? Some characters I've built need a little extra tweak in Hero Lab to have the powers work. This user file will let you add them to your characters, too. Drop it in "C:\ProgramData\Hero Lab\data\mutants3" then under configure character select "CAL's Powers" under the sources list.